Home Maintenance Reducing Closet Clutter Reducing Closet Clutter   The closet might just be the hardest place to reduce clutter in the home. So often, we find ourselves using closets as the one space in the home that we allow a little chaos. Whether we use it as the space to keep unfolded laundry or to tuck away things that […]
Home Maintenance How To Clean An Oven Materials Needed for Cleaning Your Oven Baking soda Vinegar Dishwashing detergent A soft bristled brush or toothbrush Sponge A dry cloth or paper towels How Often You Should Clean Your OvenIf your oven is used on a regular basis, you should make it a part of your monthly cleaning routine, in addition to wiping it […]
Sell Faster What to expect after you List your House What to expect after you List your House 1. You might feel like you live in a museum. You may have spent a great deal of time cleaning and decluttering, but now you are going to need to maintain that cleanliness. Potential buyers are going to expect a home that was as neat as the […]
Sell Faster Preparing For Listing Photos Listing photos are the first chance many potential buyers get to be exposed to your home. This is why being prepared for listing photos and ensuring your home looks ready to sell is a key part in the home listing process. Here are some tips to prepare your home for listing photos! Clear Off Kitchen […]
Uncategorized Buyers in Waiting Program Are you missing out on homes? Tired of looking at homes on websites & apps just to find out it is already sold?   Want to get know about homes RIGHT as they come on the market or even Homes that will be COMING SOON in the next few weeks?   Join my Buyers in […]
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